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Anne and Sixtine co-founded Back to Business in 2018 in the Bay Area. Their different backgrounds and professional experiences, combined with their knowledge of expatriation are an asset in individual or group coaching, while maintaining their posture as coaches who empower their clients.

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Sixtine Gontier

Founder & Coach

Certified Professional Coach (CPCC and ACC) and Expat Communication Coach Academy, specialist in Career Transition, Youth Career Planning, Expatriation, Intercultural Change and Practitioner in brief therapy, Sixtine has a diversified professional career that she has been able to evolve to adapt and follow her spouse.

She moved to the San Francisco bay area in 2011 and discovered the power of coaching. She specializes in coaching teenagers and accompanying expatriate partners in France and the US since then.

She wants to help them identify a fulfilling career path aligned with their values and aspirations and take up the challenges of their expatriation. 

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Anne Caillat

Founder & Coach

Coach certified Expat Communication Coach Academy, Anne has 10 years of experience in group facilitation, leadership development, organizational change and executive coaching, working across many industries, from Energy&Utilities to Retail to Telecommunications. 

She believes in collective intelligence and collaboration to help individuals and communities to reach their full potential.
She has been living in the Silicon Valley for the last 3 years and she brought to California her passion and energy to understand human psychology and cultural dynamics. 

She specializes in coaching:

- professionals to navigate through the work environment,

- expatriates to find their best path in a new country. 


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Job Booster Cocoon


Business Meeting

Your goal is both to develop your network and a professional or personal project with meaning.

You don't know where to begin? You don't have a network? You don't know your local job market? You feel alone and think that you would benefit from a group dynamic?


Job Booster Cocoon allows you to maintain your positive energy and your determination and improve your job search technique. 

Career transition


Creative Thoughts

You are looking for an interesting and  meaningful career.

You no longer find yourself in your career?  You are experiencing an unexpected change? You can't do your job anymore? 


Career Transition Coaching allows you to find a project aligned with your personal values, your own needs and your environment.


Expatriate coaching

You want to fully live your expatriation​ with no regrets.


Don't see the benefit of this expatriation? Don't feel "home" in this new country? Left your comfort zone and feel vulnerable? Everyday is challenging? Don't feel supported?


Expatriate Coaching allows you to embrace this new adventure with confidence and explore your new strengths.