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At TEAM Transition we've been working for several years with adults in career transition or spouses who wish to return to the job market after several years "off".

  • "I don't really know what I want to do, I don't have specific purpose so I "flutter" and I don't know where to start"

  • "I want to find an activity or a job compatible with family life"

  • "My self-confidence is so low. I never really worked or it was a long time ago, I don't think I would know what to do"

  • "I need to motivate myself! Dare! I need a boost"

  • "I need to upgrade my skills"

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A skills assessment program (Bilan de Compétences) will help you understand your story and identify lead wires.

  1. With a skill assessment program you know where you want to go because you know where you come from and what you learned from it.

  2. With a skill assessment program you know where you want to go because you know who you are.

  3. With a skill assessment program you know where you want to go because you see what's possible.


​In France the law on skills assessments of December 31, 1991 states: "... allow workers to analyze their professional and personal skills as well as their aptitudes and motivations in order to define a professional project and, if necessary, a training project" .



The bilan de compétences has 3 phases. 2 or 3 months are necessary for its realization, because of several appointments (on average between 10 and 12) spaced in time.


Preliminary Phase: Demand Analysis 

Investigative phase: 2 stages, retrospective and prospective

·       Retrospective phase (analysis of personal and professional background, analysis of personality, motivations and interests, identification and analysis of skills) 

·       Prospective phase (identification of career development paths)


Concluding phase: development and analysis of the professional project or development perspectives and construction of an action plan.

We work with a methodology that is inspired by the ADVP (Activation of the Vocational and Personal Development) conceptualized in Quebec in the 70's, a practice that allows the client to get to know each other better, to know his environment, to develop his future plans, to make choices and especially to take charge of one's own orientation.


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