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Next group starting February 2020!

  • Do you feel there is a glass wall between you and the local job market?

  • Do you feel your network is not what it should be? 

  • Are you a "relauncher", willing to go back to work after a (long) break?

  • Are you considering a career change?


Answer Yes to one of these questions? The Job Booster Cocoon might be for you!

What is the Job Booster Cocoon San Francisco?

  • The Job Booster Cocoon San Francisco is an innovative and supporting program opened to French and International expatriates looking for professional fulfillment in the Silicon Valley, either by an active job search, through entrepreneurship, volunteering or considering a reconversion.

  • Each Cocoon gathers 8 to 10 people for 2 hours every single week as long as it takes to build their project or find a job (up to 1 year).

  • The coaches bring structure and local market knowledge. 

  • Each participant brings their care, solidarity, and their very own talent (that sometimes they still don't know they have).

  • Together, we learn to analyze the new professional environment, to unveil our aspirations, to identify our added value. Using the group dynamic, we develop our network, elaborate portable career strategies and implement them.

Next group starting February 2020!

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Our Story


At Team Transition, we are expatriates and we work abroad. We know what it means to feel like an outsider in a new environment, especially when we were strong and powerful business men and women in our home country.

We know we might sometimes feel lonely and insecure. We also know that as expatriates we have strong assets: courage, energy, adaptativity.

To bring back confidence, all what we need might be a warm, supporting and energizing group of peers gathering every week.

So, when we discovered the French parisian Job Booster Cocoon, we knew we wanted the same in the Valley.

We trained and got the certification to become Expat Coaches from the Coach Academy and in 2019, we were ready to launch the Job Booster Cocoon San Francisco!



Coming from Paris, France, the Job Booster Cocoon was launched by Expat Communication in 2014 and had since helped over 200 international expatriates in their job search and professional project development.

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